This morning I had an incredible experience! I’ve been feeling kind of down lately, stressed out about a few things. As I let myself get more and more stressed, my body has been responding in its usual way. My hips have gone out of alignment, which makes my legs and feet sore. Sitting on my office chair makes my neck tight on the left side, and sitting on the couch is hard on my back. When I go out walking or hiking, my right leg and knee really hurt. I noticed yesterday as I walked toward the mirror that my whole right shoulder has dropped. I’ve also been irregular in the bathroom, and had some heart palpitations. All this is part of feeling insecure for me. I’m uncertain which starts first, the physical imbalance or the insecurity and stress, but they feed each other.

Yesterday was a low point for me, when I lost my temper with someone who didn’t deserve it. A simple bit of direction to correct the errors would have been sufficient, but I overreacted. Through the day, I recognized how I was at fault for my reaction, regardless of what went before it. She didn’t make me respond that way, I chose to. I apologized and tried to repair the relationship, but at bedtime I was still feeling a little unsettled and upset with myself.

This morning I awoke bright and early, very conscious of how my body was feeling. I have known for a couple of weeks already that I need to balance my pelvis, but spent the time since then feeling sorry that I don’t have a John Barnes Myofascial Release therapist next door. Today I managed to get past that victim state, and brought my hip wedges back to bed with me. I lay there bringing my pelvis back into balance, feeling all the twitches and adjustments. First in my right knee, then my left elbow. I let my legs slide on the sheet. And felt the stress leave my jaw. Oh, it was just heavenly! I stayed for quite a while on the wedges, then even after I removed them, continued to feel the changes. What a blessed relief from tension!

I did a meditation with Archangel Metatron where he collaborated with Mother Earth to bring me greater awareness of my body, letting all stress and tension flow from me into the earth and into the universe to be transmuted into neutral energy. I invited Archangel Raphael to heal me in certain spots. I have achieved a new level of healing now. I send so much gratitude to my Angel Team for their constant support!

Even before I arose, I could feel my spirits lifting. I no longer have the same stress as before, even though the situation has not changed yet. It will. Now that I have let go of my resistance to it, my desired outcome is free to come to me!

Oh, and I spent a very satisfying bit of time on the throne! (aka the toilet).

I hope your day is as lovely as I’ve decided mine will be!

Love, Yehta Pearl