Yehta Pearl is an incredibly gifted therapist, offering a comprehensive combination of therapies. Taken individually, each therapy is highly effective and offers great relief to people. As a synergy taken together, the results are ground-breaking! Described briefly in the order in which Yehta Pearl learned them, here are the healing tools…

The John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach…

John F. Barnes, PT, is a visionary. In the 1960’s he began developing a new way to approach physical healing, and the result now is a wonderful gift to those who need this healing.

So what is Myofascial Release? It is a therapy which works on the fascia, or connective tissue. There is fascia in every single cell in the body, whether it’s a nerve cell, a muscle cell, a bone cell, a blood cell, or any other type of cell. In the spaces between the cells is a gel-like substance called the ground substance. In times of trauma, whether from physical injury or repetitive strain, mental injury, emotional injury, or spiritual injury, the ground substance solidifies and traps the fascia so it can’t move. This causes pain and stiffness and decreased range of

These injuries and restrictions then go on to cause other problems. The cells are cut off from communication to the rest of the body when they are trapped in these restrictions, and that leads to diseases like cancer, fibromyalgia, headaches, back pain, scoliosis, tinnitus, and so much more.

How can we get rid of these restrictions? By using light, sustained pressure over a period of time – 2 to 8 minutes per area – the therapist engages the fascia. The tissue then begins to release, reaching deep into the body to all the areas which are connected.

During a treatment, the therapist will be continually doing evaluation because things tend to change quickly during the course of the hour. They will be testing the way the tissue feels, and noticing energy around the client, acknowledging the emotion coming from the person on the table. They place their hands where they’re drawn to, then slowly and gently sink into the tissue. After about two minutes, they will be connected in to the fascia which will begin to release and change the ground substance back to a gel. This is piezoelectricity. It has now been scientifically proven that it is between 5 and 8 minutes of holding the same spot that the greatest releases are achieved. Meanwhile the therapist has been following the releases as the tissue moves and changes. The client may feel physical changes, like pulling and stretching, sometimes a deep itch, or a creepy crawly feeling under the skin. It may also feel tingly and electrical. All of these are normal responses.

This is truly a unique form of treatment, and is so gentle that many clients wonder if anything is happening at first. Later, the changes are obvious and sometimes create soreness for a day or two until the body settles into it’s new, healthier way of being.Don’t you think it’s time to try it for yourself?

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Energy Therapy

There are many different types of energy therapy out there. Healing Touch, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch, to name just a few. The training which Yehta Pearl uses is Healing Touch and Subtle Energy.

All of them work in a person’s energy field, which is around the physical body. It is known that disturbances in the energy field show up before they manifest into the physical. It makes sense that by clearing the disturbances from the energy, there will be no opportunity for it to go to the physical, averting the dis-ease. Even once problems have developed further, clearing the energy makes way for the physical to heal as well.

A skilled energy worker can feel and sometimes see the aura, or energy field around a person. Once the disturbances are detected, then they can use their learned techniques to clear and smooth everything out, leading to improved health and well-being. This can be a treatment all on it’s own, or combined with other therapies to enhance the healing. It’s a very warm feeling to receive energy clearing and balancing work!

In addition, a home or office or other physical space can sometimes build up negative energy. This is usually from the emotional state of the people who have spent time in the space. Any time you’re feeling stale or if your energy level drops when you’re in a certain area, this is a sign that the area needs to be cleared.

There are many ways to clear the energy of a space. The practitioner can use energy channeling from the Universe, or burning sage smoke which is proven to also kill bacteria. They may also use Angel Energy, sunshine or moon light, or many other ways of clearing.

Yehta Pearl calls upon the Angels, especially Michael, to clear the space. In addition, she channels energy from the Universe through her hands to neutralize any negativity and stale energy.

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Angel Healing

Yehta Pearl has attained the Certification of Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner and Certified Medium. A small part of her training was through Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Most of her training was through Cindy Smith, AEP, who is a gifted Angel communicator and

Every person is born with at least one Guardian Angel, regardless of religious beliefs. During a life, a person will sometimes have more, depending upon the challenges of the moment. We all also have complete access to all of the Archangels, who are limitless and can be with every single person on earth at the same time.

Angels do not have judgement, and are unaware of criticism. They are all-accepting, patient, and wise. Their whole existence is based on helping us. The thing is that we have to ask for their help, because we as humans have free will. This means that the Angels cannot intervene unless we ask. The one exception to this is if we are in a life-threatening situation and it’s not our time to go.

When we ask for help, the answer always comes. Many people are uncertain of how to receive the answers, which is where a Certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner comes in. A reading will include the use of oracle cards plus the intuition of the reader to bring your messages to you. Often during a reading, it will become obvious that some healing is indicated in order for the person to move on and grow. The practitioner will do this healing with the Angels, and continue with the reading.

Healing techniques include Grounding, Cord cutting, Shielding, Energy Ball Releasement, Belief Pattern Changes, Past Life Healing, Chakra Clearing/Balance/Increase of Vibration, and Healing with Archangel Raphael.

Afterwards, clients report feeling lighter and having more trust, feeling that now they are able to carry on toward their goals. This truly resets the balance for life.

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Taking Action For Your Health

TAFYH is the final piece of the puzzle. We can work on our bodies all day long, but if we’re lacking in nutrition, elimination channels are clogged up, and sitting all day, we won’t be able to fully heal.

Have you been surfing the internet for hours on end looking for a solution to your health problem only to find confusion and contradiction?

Have you had enough?

Are you willing to commit to change?

TAFYH is the answer you’ve been looking for!

TAFYH is daily science-based action steps for your health delivered during a 15-minute teleconference call. Imagine one member of each family taking part in the TAFYH Program. They would be equipped to confidently tackle most health issues, be they headaches, flu, arthritis, cancer, or most anything else!

Format: Interactive with a maximum of 6 per team.

Time: 15 minutes via teleconference call daily, Monday to Friday

Duration: 31 lessons

Daily interaction, accountability, and commitments required. Daily educational presentations with the lesson emailed after each call.

One-on-one coaching.

Opportunity to train to become a TAFYH Leader and lead your own team into health and wellness.

Intention for the Program:

  • To improve health dramatically and to be empowered to do so.
  • To set the stage for your health for the rest of your life.
  • To help others to do the same.
  • To be committed to being on time and to do the assignments.

Dr. Blass says, “A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, radiant energy, magnetism, beauty and power.” This is the ultimate TAFYH goal.

Are you taking action for your health today?

The TAFYH Program was developed by Donna Roth, BA, BEd, MH. She was seeing clients individually in her office, and found that each client was only receiving part of the whole picture. She decided to put it all together into a comprehensive program to be offered to more than one person at a time. It took several years to compile everything with her vast knowledge, but she persevered. In January 2013 Donna launched the program, and the rest is history!

TAFYH Success Stories

  • Yehta Pearl’s cervical cancer is gone
  • Dr. Bill reduced his heart meds by 90%
  • Frank’s prostate cancer is gone
  • Donna was able to wean off all asthma, blood pressure and cholesterol meds
  • Susan’s eczema is gone
  • Baljit’s insulin dropped from 63 units to 12 units /day
  • Leesy’s 10-year-old son with ADD achieved A’s instead of C’s. He no longer needs a scribe for writing
  • Melissa’s little girl no longer has autistic symptoms and transferred to a public school
  • Shirley’s vertigo is gone after passing parasites
  • Sue lost 20 lbs
  • Jo’s debilitating back pain is gone
  • Peter’s bladder cancer is undetectable
  • Paddy’s MS symptoms reduced by 80% and his hearing returned
  • Lisa’s acne is gone and she passed 34 dissolved gall stones

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