It’s so amazing to me how this program promotes healing on all levels, in anyone who is ready to commit to their own health!
Right now I have 2 TAFYH Teams in progress. One woman who has been only doing this program for one week has gained a whole lot of energy, plus has dropped 8 excess pounds! One who has been doing this for 4 weeks has noticed a huge change in the way she feels – especially that she no longer has that fatigue in the afternoon.
For myself when I first began this lifestyle change, I became much more aware of how I actually felt, which led to the knowledge that I had cancer. Only 7 weeks later, I was healed! A miracle? It sure seems like it, in this day of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and medical intervention. In reality, it was a combination of self treatment of Myofascial Release, energy therapy, plus all the teachings of TAFYH which brought me back to health.
TAFYH encompasses: diet, exercise, herbal supplements, gratitude, focusing on your goals, plus all the education of why we need to do these things. Put it all together into a group of people all doing the same thing and supporting each other, and you have the perfect route to success!
This whole program was developed by Donna Roth, B.Ed., MH. Look on her website for success stories, or
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Love and Gratitude,
Yehta Pearl