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Taking Action For Your Health!

It’s so amazing to me how this program promotes healing on all levels, in anyone who is ready to commit to their own health!
Right now I have 2 TAFYH Teams in progress. One woman who has been only doing this program for one week has gained a whole lot of energy, plus has dropped 8 excess pounds! One who has been doing this for 4 weeks has noticed a huge change in the way she feels – especially that she no longer has that fatigue in the afternoon.
For myself when I first began this lifestyle change, I became much more aware of how I actually felt, which led to the knowledge that I had cancer. Only 7 weeks later, I was healed! A miracle? It sure seems like it, in this day of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and medical intervention. In reality, it was a combination of self treatment of Myofascial Release, energy therapy, plus all the teachings of TAFYH which brought me back to health.
TAFYH encompasses: diet, exercise, herbal supplements, gratitude, focusing on your goals, plus all the education of why we need to do these things. Put it all together into a group of people all doing the same thing and supporting each other, and you have the perfect route to success!
This whole program was developed by Donna Roth, B.Ed., MH. Look on her website for success stories, or
Do you want to know more? Contact me, we can talk (no obligation).
Love and Gratitude,
Yehta Pearl

Why Do You Ask?

Do you find that people ask you questions that they don’t actually want an honest reply about? Or are you sometimes the one who is asking a question when what you really want is reassurance that you’re doing the right thing, not necessarily their honest answer?
I find that most people play a sort of game with each other. They balance their reply between the real, whole answer and what they think the friend wants to hear. I know that I have in the past been completely stymied by the lack of reply when I’ve asked a whole and real question to which I truthfully wanted an answer.
I’ve asked contractors, “From your point of view as the expert, what are the pros and cons to these options?” Only to get a completely non-answer. No, I meant it, I want your opinion so that I can make an informed decision!
The same is true for relationship questions. If I ask your opinion about my partner, I truly want a reply! Even if I don’t like the reply, I want to know what you think because I value your opinion.
But some people are only asking because they want you to tell them that they’re doing everything perfectly. I’ll tell you right now, if you don’t want a truthful answer, you shouldn’t be asking the question!
Speaking personally, I keep my thoughts to myself until you ask me what I think. Then I answer you with complete honesty. If you don’t want the answer, don’t ask the question!
Honestly, what do you think?

Angels & Fairies Expo

We had a great time in Penticton the weekend of June 11&12, 2016. We were at the Angels & Fairies Expo organized by the lovely Maria O’Farrell Carr. There were lots of amazing vendors there and a beautiful crowd of people came through. Both Donna and I had the opportunity to connect with all these fabulous people and do some amazingly insightful Angel Card Readings and Healing techniques. It’s on our radar for next year!

Do You Have Yeast Growing in You?

There is a simple test you can do yourself to determine if you have yeast, also known as candida, growing in you. At night when you go to bed, put a glass of water on your night stand. As it stands overnight, the chlorine evaporates from it, and the temperature equalizes with the room. In the morning, before you do anything else, work up a mouthful of spit and drop it into the water. Observe it over the next half hour or so. What is it doing? Continue reading


This morning I had an incredible experience! I’ve been feeling kind of down lately, stressed out about a few things. As I let myself get more and more stressed, my body has been responding in its usual way. My hips have gone out of alignment, which makes my legs and feet sore. Sitting on my office chair makes my neck tight on the left side, and sitting on the couch is hard on my back. When I go out walking or hiking, my right leg and knee really hurt. Continue reading

Celebrating People!

A couple of weeks ago, I was beginning to promote the opportunities for other therapists around my upcoming book:

Vibrantly Alive! Helping You Heal – Go From Sick & Tired to Healthy & Energized! Continue reading

Getting to It!

Sometimes, I procrastinate. I’ve noticed a pattern. Usually it’s something that I feel uncertain about doing, something that scares me, which I put off doing. Still I’m doing that, even after having learned many years ago that it doesn’t help a single thing! sigh. Well, I guess I’m human too. Continue reading

A Visit From Beyond

One morning as I was in that delicious moment between awake and asleep, I found myself pondering the state of our world today. In my hypnagogic state, I wondered how I could create real beneficial change in our Universe. Continue reading

No Such Thing as Coincidence

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Whenever I experience something that is a struggle, I remind myself that each time something is difficult or doesn’t work out the way I wanted it to, that always means there is something better in store. It helps me keep things in perspective, so there’s no need to be overwrought about it. What do you think?