12916319_592948790852571_8379124866471078611_oYehta Pearl started out on a farm in central Canada, feeling that she didn’t fit in. Everything from her odd name to her family’s financial situation worked together to create extreme shyness and insecurity. As a result, for much of her earlier life she couldn’t trust herself to act just as her own self, always thinking that she wasn’t good enough. She brought those beliefs with her into adulthood. As a consequence of trying to be what everyone else seemed to want, she was collecting up an increasing amount of aches and pains, conditions and ultimately, disease.

When she hit her 40’s, Yehta Pearl decided enough was enough, and she started to shed the layers she had been hiding under. She did this by sometimes acting only the way she wanted to! What a novel idea! When that didn’t make the world blow up around her, she found the courage to do it more and more often. At one point she experienced a “hitting bottom” period, which catapulted her into fighting back against conventional thinking, threw her into changing careers to something more intuitive, and really accelerated her personal growth. She found it exhilarating to climb out of the hole!

Since then, Yehta Pearl has managed to shed most of the old maladies, has recently healed herself of cancer, and has achieved an amazing depth of personal growth and understanding. She knows that she is simply herself, no matter where she may be. Oh, the incredible freedom!

Now, Yehta Pearl is passionate about helping all those people who are guided to her to achieve their own personal growth, and attain complete physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. She is truly a warm, compassionate woman who has your best interests at heart.

Yehta Pearl lives with Richard, her husband of more than 30 years, on Canada’s West Coast, enjoying being in the warmth, sun, and sometimes rain. No need to shovel rain!

She is available for Speaking Engagements, Myofascial Release Treatment, Energy Therapy, Angel Healing, TAFYH training, and for great conversation!

Contact Yehta Pearl by email at yehtapearl@outlook.com. She loves hearing from you, on any topic!